S. Scott Burkhalter, Lawyer


I approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, understanding, and results.

I believe I have a reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective legal solutions for my clients.

I have represented clients ranging from major companies and banks to the individual negotiating a land use issue with the city; but, I have found over the years, my passion is family law.

I devote much of my time to trial practice, while at the same time I look for a cost effective approach to settle a matter in the client’s best interests. 

My academic honors include the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence in several subject areas including subjects involving real estate and family law, the Outstanding Achievement Award in Environmental, Land Use and Real Estate Law, and the Distinguished Leadership Award.  I co-founded Chapman Law’s Real Estate Law Society, and was a member of its Environmental Law and Christian Law Society. 

I enjoy cooking, dining, travel, golf, as well as being a spectator of the various teams the greater Puget Sound has to offer.

Best Divorce Lawyers in Everett

I have negotiated thousands of matters without ever seeing a Courtroom from a simple visitation issue, temporary orders, or final resolution.  To know the outcome is always better than to have someone make the decision for you.  Surprisingly, a simple phone call may resolve the issue or set the stage for what is yet to come.  

"Scott turned the whole process around for me. It was a good experience - he was professional, friendly, empathetic, and did a great job driving my divorce to closure. He gave great advice and was cost-sensitive."  --Divorce Client


I am a strong believer people should find a way to resolve their disputes without having to go through the emotional, expensive, and uncertain Court process.  To place your family before an individual in a robe leads to uncertain results.  Family law attorneys should strive for this ideal.

"He always had my best interest at heart and when I was at the end of my rope and wanted to simply give up and throw in the towel he talked me down off the ledge and helped me stay strong until the very end. He is a very smart, strategic and effective lawyer. He performs with great integrity and professionalism but also has a great sense of humor and is easy to relate to."  --Divorce Client  

Family law lawyer Scott Burkhalter stays current with the law and the Court process.  He has appeared in numerous Courts throughout Washington State, in several counties, as well as in the Federal Courts and Washington Court of Appeals.  Whether you are going through a divorce in Everett, Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond or any other city or county in the State, Scott can navigate you through the system and meet your legal needs.  Scott understands the cost of divorce and will discuss various options to meet your legal needs.

​​"Scott guided me through a divorce case with exceptional knowledge and practicality. He was very good in explaining the options, capable and willing to champion my interests, but also deferential doing what I wanted rather than furthering his own ego or other goals." --Divorce Client.

The trial and motion practice is a component of our legal system that is to be respected, but leads to an uncertain result.  I have the experience and talent to represent you in such a matter should the need arise.

"Scott made an ugly divorce go smoothly and quickly. He was always cost conscious and honest and had my best interest at heart. He is a caring, strategic, smart and effective attorney. I have referred many people to him and will continue to do so. He is still a huge help to me and an excellent resource."  --Divorce Client




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